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I have two different blog posts for you today! I have been busily working to catch up on both of the fabulous book studies I am a part of. The last week of school was crazy but now that I am on vacation I have all the time in world to blog...well, and sleep, and hang out with my baby girl. I love summer!!

The first post is for Chapter 4 from Guiding Readers: Making the Most of the 18 Minute Lesson.

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Our host for this chapter is Brenda from Primary Inspired. She is also a TBA author so I have no doubt that she will be posting her thoughts here very soon. Meanwhile, you can head over to my blog, Thinking of Teaching to see what I am saying about this chapter on Guiding Early Readers. 

I really enjoyed this chapter as I think a lot of the lessons and ideas presented will be really useful to me next year as I am moving down to teach Grade 3! In the beginning of year I think I may be working with some students still in the early stages of reading, and especially my english language learners. 

I have really come to appreciate the clear and open way Lori has of writing. As I am reading I feel as though I am sitting and talking with a friend!


My second blog post is for the Guided Math book study. I am a little late to the game but better late than never, I suppose.

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Some things to discuss from this chapter:

* Mini-lessons
* Word Splashes- my personal have
* Math Related Children's Literature- so excited to look into this more
* Math Huddle:  really good if you teach use the problem based model, my province has been talking a lot about a teaching method known as bansho, which comes from Japan, so this was a great connection point for me

Hope to have you visit!

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