Guided Math- Chapter 7 (Freebie)

I am the co-host for our Guided Math Book Study and Chapter 7- Conferring with Students During Guided Math. I chose to host this chapter because of my background in language arts and I am comfortable conferring with students about their reading and writing. It was my thought that I could bring that knowledge base to this chapter and be able to extend my own understanding even further.

Some of the highlights that I will be talking about in my post over at Thinking of Teaching are:

- the importance of conferring
- the structure of a conference....I LOVED this!
- teaching strategies for math conferences
- keeping anecdotal observations/records of the conferences

I hope that you will join me to talk about this chapter and to share your own thoughts on conferring during guided math. Plus...I have a FREEBIE for you to pick and use during your math conferences!

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