Guided Math-- Putting It Into Practice

Are you ready to put Guided Math into practice in your classroom? What has really struck me as I've been reading is how the instructional framework of Guided Math so closely mirrors guided reading. 

In this last chapter, there's a list of questions (p. 247-248) adapted from reading strategies which can help guided math instruction...
  1. Are students expected to construct their own meaning?
  2. Are students encouraged to have ownership of their problem solving?
  3. Are students encouraged to do problem solving for authentic purposes?
  4. Are students encouraged to do voluntary mathematics, selecting tasks for themselves, pleasure, or for personal goals?
  5. How is math instruction scaffolded in your classroom?
  6. Do you build a rich, mathematically literate environment in your classroom?
  7. Do you encourage students to see the big picture, make vital connections vs. isolated pieces of math?
  8. Is forgiveness granted? Is making mistakes part of learning? Is doing math seen as a dynamic process that incorporates planning, drafting, revising, editing, & publishing?
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