Guiding Developing Readers- Chapter 5

That's right...I am your host for Chapter 5 of our Guiding Readers Book Study. I am very excited for this chapter and very excited for how well the book study is going. 

We are just over halfway through now and I have learned so much from the book and reading other's posts. I hope you all are learning as much as me. So far, I think the best part is the Must-Do's and the Reading-Writing Connection that Lori talk's about in each chapter. In my years of teaching kids, I think this is the area where I have always learned the most about my students. When you see the passion they have for the books they read, the responses they create from their reading and the intense discussions they are capable of about their own reading.

In my post I am talking about how I used reader response letters in my grade 7/8 classes previously and my thoughts on how I can incorporate some of those same ideas in my guided reading for next year. I'd love for you to come by and check it out. Don't forget to put in your own two cents and link up with your post on Chapter 5!

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