Guiding Fluent Readers- Ch 6

We are more than halfway through the book study! For this chapter I am letting our fabulous co-host, Sabra from Teaching with a Touch of Twang, handle the chapter thoughts and summary. I, meanwhile, have posted the final questions and answers to my interview with Lori Jamison Rog!

Lori has also kindly agreed to answer anymore questions people may have about guided reading, her book and I suppose, life in general! LOL I will be collecting questions via: 

- comments on TBA
- comments on my blog (Thinking of Teaching)
- email ( 

** I will be collecting questions until Thursday, July 12th so get your brains thinking!**

Of course, Lori may not be able to answer all the questions sent in so I apologize in advance if yours doesn't get answered. 

Lastly, I have been seeing all sorts of great guided reading freebies and products on TPT and Teacher's Notebook that my fellow bloggers have created. Would people be interested is having a linky party to share your guided reading freebies and products for sale?  Please leave me a comment here or on my blog.

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