Guiding Readers -- Early Readers

Chapter 4 is out of the box! We've been studying the book Guiding Readers: Making the Most of the 18-Minute Guided Reading Lesson, & chapter 4 is all about early readers, those kiddos who have mastered print concepts, realize that there is a letter-sound connection, & have a good hold on phonemic awareness. Of course, our goal is always to push kiddos on to the next level. So how can we push early readers on to developing readers? 

Early readers are still focusing on decoding words and will sometimes sacrifice meaning to sound out those words. I love the phrase  "Talk to Your Brain!" 
Early readers need to learn how to monitor their understanding...."Talk to Your Brain". Does it sound right? Did it make sense? Click on the poster to snag your own copy!

These kiddos are also  ready to begin working on comprehension skills, retelling, and fluency, so a good part of our guided reading lesson will focus on those skills. But, they also still need to work on letter-sound relationships and word-solving strategies. 

Click on over to learn more about working with early readers in guided reading. I'd love to hear your ideas, too! I've also got a couple more freebies for you, too! See you there!

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