Homeschool Evaluation

When choosing new materials for an upcoming homeschool year, a homeschool evaluation is in order. It's good to answer some questions about the previous semester and evaluate whether goals were met. I've written a post all about doing a homeschool evaluation at the end of each semester. Don't worry, it's not some long complicated form or process. There are just some questions and areas that I mention that help parents start thinking and evaluating the previous semester.

I've included questions that help check progress, attitudes, curriculum, and more. There are also ideas on how to choose the right resources for your family.Who wants to pick a curriculum or resource that everyone hates, right? Curriculum choices will come and go. You will purchase some books or programs that you later regret. Every homeschool parent has done this. You just evaluate and go on and continue to choose products that will help your child develop a love for learning.

Homeschool Evaluation


How to Homeschool

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