How Do You Teach Phonics? Blog Revisited

How Do You Teach Phonics?

I'm counting down to the summer break - only 5 days left! Yippee! Frazzled is not the word to describe how I feel right now, but I'm looking forward to switching off and chilling out (yeah, in my dreams...!)

A few days ago I blogged about how we teach EAL (ESOL) children how to speak, read and write English, and the problems we have all experienced with getting them to understand the words they have just sounded and blended. It's a tricky problem but one which can easily be solved with picture prompts - a bit like a personalised picture dictionary. You can see my original post and download a free resource by clicking the image:

I have received some really kind comments about my Monster Match resources. It's great to have feedback from all you wonderful teachers about how you manage EAL (ESOL) children's learning - hmmmm, I feel a linky party coming on....

The next group of Set 1 sounds (I, N, P, G and O) is now available. It's packed full of sound cards and images to help you teach these sounds to monolingual and EAL (ESOL) children alike. I hope you enjoy, and please remember to leave me some feedback - I love hearing about your experiences.

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