Interactive Read Alouds!

Are you using Storia yet?  I love it!  Storia is from Scholastic and it is a great way to encourage your kiddos at home and your students to practice reading and responding to literature using technology.  It is a FREE download and you even get 5 new books to start with!

I did purchase one of my favorite read alouds with bonus points this summer, A Dog's Life by Ann M. Martin.  Check it out on my bookshelf below!  The best things is,  if my kiddos read it through Storia there are little flash questions that pop up to keep them focused on the story! 

A Dog's Life is one of my very favorite books to teach inferring and predicting.  It is an autobiography told from a dog named Squirrel's point of view.  My students fell in love with the characters and the story ends in a sweet and touching way.  If you are reading up on novels for your shared and guided reading groups this year please don't pass this one up!

Head over to The Schroeder Page to learn more about Storia and how I use it in my classroom as a shared read!

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