Key People to Know at School

The relationships you build with the key people at your school will often times make or break your ability to have a most positive experience in your working and teaching environment.  When you have positive relationships with the Secretary, Custodian Lunch Supervisor and others, you'll find that school will be a place you really enjoy being.  These key people can support you and help you get things that are sometimes tough to get when having to work through all the red tape, rules and regulations.  When these key people are on your side and feel good about you and what you do for them, they will happily reciprocate and help you find ways to get and do things that others may not be allowed or able to do.  Read my latest post about the importance of these relationships in my Back to School series.  Also available on the post are free printable Thank You Cards to help you thank these important people.  You can see it all here.


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