Learning to like Veggies

My husband had the gastric bypass, 2 weeks ago. The surgery went better than expected, and he is healing very well. {He has already lost 30 lbs.}  Shortly after his surgery, a nurse explained to us that all he could eat, from then on, was protein and vegetables in 1 to 2 oz portion sizes (per meal). 
My kids have had a difficult time learning to like eating vegetables. I'm hoping that by using the activities, I'm about to share with you, will help my kids learn to like veggies more. My hope is that if you are having a hard time getting your kids to eat veggies too, these will help you too!

Let me start with some great books about veggies, your kids are sure to enjoy! They are:

"Tops & Bottoms" by Janet Stevens
"Growing Vegetable Soup" by Lois Ehlert
"The Surprise Garden" By Zoe Hall
"Fast Food" by Saxton Freymann
Speaking of reading books, why not have your kids write their own story about vegetables? Have them write their name on their book. Ask them to label the top of their cover with the name of the vegetable, they are writing about. Then allow them to draw a picture of that vegetable. If they are not yet suding out words they could just write the initial sound letter and then draw the vegetable below (i.e. C is for Carrot). This could also be made into a class book, where each child makes one page and then you put it all together.

A fun art activity that you could cut the veggies so that they can be easily manipulated as tools to paint or print with. Have them in shapes like squares, triangles, circles, etc. Have the kids make different prints with the different vegetables. Let them dip the veggies into the paint and use them as their "paint brushes". Kids seem to really like doing this! 

My final suggestion is to setup a "vegetable stand'. Ask the kids to help setup a market using play vegetables. Take turns being the stand owner, operator, and customer. Let the kids label the different vegetables and have them be priced differently. Make sure to include pretend money for them to use.

Once again, I hope these help my family and yours! 
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