Literacy Centers 101: Pocket Chart Center

I LOVE Literacy Center time and so do my students!
We use a simple-to-follow chart that outlines which group should complete what activities each day.

Each week during the summer, I will be posting a detailed description about one of my Literacy Centers.
Today's post:  the Pocket Chart Center!

Click on the picture to get your own *free* copy of these syllable sorting cards, perfect for a Pocket Chart center!
There are tonnes of things for your students to do here...and they learn so much just by "playing" at this center!
I love using sentence strips, alphabet cards, pictures, and more to keep my little ones busy!
I even use a pocket chart during math time!
Be sure to come visit my blog to read more about my Pocket Chart center and while you are there, be sure to join my Linky Party all about Literacy Centers!

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