Lots of Ideas for Your Classroom!!

Hi there!!  One day.......one day, today and then my summer vacay is over!  It seems like just yesterday I was making wonderful plans as to how I would spend my summer and now, in the blink of an eye, it is over!
I am super happy to say I have used my summer wisely:)  I have had some down time but also stayed busy with making things for my classroom.  If you still have some time to create, then pop over to my blog to check out my Monday Made It linky.  I am sharing an idea about a Word Work activity, my new job chart, some fun team gifts, and more.  It has been an amazing summer of crafts, inspirations, ideas, and sharing.

Make sure you have a notepad to take notes because there are lots of wonderful ideas.  I feel like my "to do" list will never end.......and that's ok, because it is so much fun!!  Hope to see you soon!!
4th Grade Frolics

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