Making a 4-Pocket Writing Folder

Do your students keep all their writing brainstorming graphic organizers, rough drafts, edits, and final copies in one simple folder?  Do they have trouble finding the work every day, even though it IS in the folder?  Today at The Organized Classroom Blog, I show you how to create four pocket folders to help you out!  Since the folder now has four pockets, you can label each as Prewriting, Rough Draft, Editing, and Final Copy!  Students will be able to move their work accordingly as they complete it, which helps you as well!  You can do a quick visual check of where students are currently working before you begin writing conferences.

OR if you rather, you can create a 4-subject folder instead!  I even included a free customizable label freebie for you to grab as well.  :)  Keeping papers organized in student desks was never so easy!

Stop at The Organized Classroom Blog to see how simple it is to create your own version!

See you there!

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