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Do you have a child at home or in your classroom that doesn't like to read? How can we all help these particular kids learn to enjoy reading more? I asked this question to one of my college professors, Merlene Ellington, quite a few years ago... when I was still in college. She said, "Be creative!" I wasn't quite sure what she had meant, so I asked her to elaborate more. She simply explained to me that everyone is unique in their own little ways, including children. She went onto tell me that as teachers it is our duty to get to know our students, individually. Merlene always seemed to emphasize the importance of getting to know each child. She felt it was the best way to teach, based on their interests. Use that knowledge, and find stories that may interest the student. If you have a child that really loves farm animals, then find books that talk about farms.
I have spent a lot of time with preschoolers. For those of you who are teaching preschool or kindergarten; and want to help instill the love of reading in your kids, then please try the following activities with them:
-Encourage your kids to act out a story that you just read together. You can use puppets, put on a play, use stuffed animals, or you could even use dolls. Your kids will just love it!
- Play word games together using words that may start with the same letter, rhyme, etc. 
- If you are transitioning from one activity to another, use letters to excuse your students (i.e. If your name starts with an "A", please line up for lunch).
-If you are continually using storybooks to read to your kids, and find that they are no longer interested... Use some other form of reading material.  Grab the comic strip from your local newspaper, or a magazine. This will most certainly get their attention back! 
-Above all, encourage your students to write their own stories on any topic they wish to choose. You could even have them write their own newspaper article, if you find that they are interested in doing something like that.

Below is a picture of my daughter "reading" a book upside down. There is nothing better, in my opinion!

The rule of thumb is to make reading fun for everyone! 

 I hope you have found some excellent ideas to use in your homes and classrooms. Feel free to stop by my blog for more fun and creative ways for kids to learn. See you there!

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