Mini Focus Walls HM First Grade Theme 1 and 2

I want to thank all of you who have already downloaded the Back to School Focus Wall, all 1059 of you, since last night!  WOW, who would have thought!

Here are Themes One and Two, just click my blog button at the very bottom of this post to be taken to my blog, where you can download them for FREE.

As each theme is posted, you will see that there is more content, since there is more to teach as the year progresses.  I have had some of you tell me that you are going to use my format to create your own.  I don't mind if you use my format, they aren't copyrighted (the clip art is, so you can't use that), but I would like some credit, maybe you can include a small blurb that says "format used with permission from".  These took me forever and for now, they are my life's work when it comes to making a product.  

You will download the entire theme, all three weeks are included, along with the CCSS.  

Faithful in First

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