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Friends at First Sight

Last week I had the pleasure of traveling to San Diego for the International Society for Technology in Education conference.  My husband, Jason, and I arrived Saturday afternoon.  Though we didn't make it in time for Social Ed Con, we were able to attend the after party they hosted that evening.  It was during this event where I met my friend, Brett, for the first time.

Brett and I have known each other for nearly a year.  We have Skyped on several occasions, chatted on the phone, send text messages, and exchanged numerous emails.  Brett and I first started talking professionally about his educational start up, remind101.  It was important to him to consider the voice of a teacher as he developed his product.  Brett spoke to many teachers during this process.  As the conversations became more frequent and Brett was getting closer to his product launch date, it became more difficult for me to schedule our Skype conversations during the evening when my husband could watch our children. 

I was super excited about helping Brett (and his brother, David).  As a consequence, our Skype conversations evolved into family chats with Brett.  My four year old, Jacob, would often hop into my lap and say hello.  My husband, Jason, even offered advice while passing by the view of the webcam.  Riley, my seven year old, especially enjoyed offering her opinion of what direction Brett should take with remind101.  It was a neat experience talking with a guy in Pal Alto, CA about a product that didn't exist yet.  It also felt great knowing that someone cared about what I had to say (something I try to always offer my own children and students).

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