My Teacher Home - AKA My Classroom

There's no place like home.  

There's No Place Like Home

This is Mrs. Parker from Learning with Mrs. Parker.

I am so thrilled to share with your my classroom....and guess what!  I am still teaching. No, not summer school! But teaching!  We are down to six more days!  So, these pictures are actually pictures of what it looks like now!

Welcome to my classroom!

Although, it is an average classroom. I sometimes feel it is a magical place because if you've ever met or taught five year olds, you know that this age group is filled with curiosity and a natural ability to make the ordinary seem extraordinary.

We spend lots of time here.  As you can see, the "rug area" is surrounded by books. Books envelop us.  During Daily 5, this is where my students Buddy Read with one another. I like to have our themed books or my book picks on display.  Right now, we are reading lots of Mo Willems books in particular,  Elephant and Piggie books.  If you click on the image, you'll see my dialog Elephant and Piggie story. Our schedule, HeidiSongs Phonics Fun Cards and usually a pocket chart are on display on the whiteboard.  Right above is a screen which I use to project lessons via the document camera.  

Although, I am not in a typical kindergarten sized classroom. I try to make it work.  I try to have enough space to allow for the kids to create like pictured above. This means that tables areas have multiple uses and that seating is at tables but also on the floor at low tables or on the rug area.  

Want to see more of my room?  Go here.  

I hope you'll join in the fun and share what your classroom or homeschool room looks like.  Grab the button and link up.  Are you still decorating?  No worries, you have until September to share.  

From my classroom home to yours,

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