New Teacher Tips: Arrival Procedures

Tips for new teachers:

It's always a good idea to have a good plan for arrival procedures. Think about where you will be picking up your students in the morning. Will they come straight to your classroom or will you pick them up from a designated location? Whatever the case may be, you and your students need to know what the expectations and procedures will be when they walk into the classroom. The first few of days of school you will have to show them what to do by modeling and repetition.  Many students have never been in school before. If you take the time to practice routines and procedures, you will have great classroom management the rest of the school year.

Arrival Procedures
Some of the things that you might need to repeat the first week are:

1. "This is where you will hang your backpack." I like to label the backpack rack with student names  so that the kids always know that they have their "own" place for their belongings. 

2. "This is where you will sit when you come in." Students need to feel welcomed and reassured that they are part of the classroom family. Not only is there a place for their backpacks but also for themselves.

3. "This is where you will find your morning work." I like to use play-doh activities on the first days of school so that they can become engaged with something that is familiar to them. 

4. "This is how you will do the work. This is how you will put your materials away." Sometime during the day, you need to model and practice the correct way to use the morning work materials. In later weeks, students will feel comfortable and confident when they come into your classroom because they will be familiar with routines and procedures.

5. "When you hear the teacher signal, you will __________." Students will become familiar with the classroom signal. Many teachers like the Give Me 5 signal to get their attention before giving instructions.  Others prefer to use music or a transition song or chant.

After a few days or a week, you can write an Arrival Procedures chart with the help of your students. You will be in charge of the writing and students will be in charge of coming up with "GOOD" procedures. Since they have been practicing the past few days, they will name the exact procedures that you are looking for. It's important to let your students help you with this chart. They will take ownership and remember their procedures easier.

Also, remember that you will get new students during the first weeks of school. This is why modeling and repetition are very important:)

I hope that this information was useful to you. Now, you can make a list of your own arrival procedures. This will help you when planning and preparing materials for the first day of school. Also make sure to hop on over to my blog to see what you can do to make your students feel welcomed on the first day of school.

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