Now this is technology I can use!

A few of my favorite tech gadgets & popular must have tools for back to school...

I am fascinated by technology whether it be websites, smart phones, or accessories.  I love to have a fun bag of tricks in my classroom and at home.  I find by simply introducing a new gadget, a new excitement surrounds the existing technology.  You can see my four-year-old son, Jacob, in the photo above snapping photos of fireworks from the 4th of July.  My own children help me learn about tech trends today.  After all, if they share an interest and fascination, other children probably will as well.  

In our family, we tend to gravitate towards tools that:
  • enhance the user experience (not just shiny new tools)
  • are affordable
  • appear to be durable
  • user-friendly (minimal learning curve)

{click here to see my complete list of back to school tech gadgets}


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