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The cutest classroom themes by Schoolgirl Style

Melanie is the magnificent designer behind Schoolgirl Style.  She's a friend of mine right here in Michigan, and I'm so fortunate to have connected with her to share her designs with  Kleinspiration readers!  Melanie is one of the most creative and crafty people I know.  I admire her attention to detail and the way she so elegantly incorporates the necessities of teaching without sacrificing quality design. 

Melanie's newest classroom theme is "Camp Learn A Lot;" however, she has several selections within her classroom design portfolio for teachers  to select from.

What I really admire about Melanie's designs are the way they enhance the existing environment without completing the space prior to the children arriving.  As a second grade teacher, I really enjoy when the kids arrive in the fall.  I intentionally leave parts of my classroom unfinished so that they can have ownership in helping to design and complete the space we will all share throughout the year.  I appreciate how Melanie's designs reflect this idea.  Her themes allow a teacher to lay the foundation, or framework, of the classroom so that the environment is inviting and comfortable but still allow for the learning community to add their personal touch regarding the space design.  

Which theme do you like the best?

*click here to see each design theme - tons of ideas for your classroom*

There are many more design themes to check out ~ be sure to stop by my site! 


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