Organizing and Planning for Small Group Math Instruction

Going through my first year of teaching math using a small group (guided math) format has been a great and rewarding experience! Clicking on the guided math tab on my blog, it is obvious that it hijacked much of my thoughts, planning and creations!

Here are some organizational posts of those ideas for those who are also giving it a go this year! I hope that they can be a resource for you.

I hope to reveal how I learned to plan my guided math curriculum this past year. This isn't meant to tell you exactly everything I taught and in what order, but to give you a guide on what the process looks like...

Planning your small group math space:

Using a space that's conducive to meeting with small groups of students with all of your materials close by. How to include a space for year long, daily and group materials.

Planning your math lesson plan binder:
Creating a binder that helps you keep your lesson plans at your fingertips! Differentiating for multiple groups in a day can often be difficult to remember in the moment, so writing it down and having it close by can make all the difference!

Do you have a place to write your small group notes for documentation purposes?

These posts are the bigger picture pieces that help outline setting up guided math for planning purposes and physical set up. They might be the place to start if you're excited about using guided math in kindergarten!

What do you think is key to making teaching math in small groups run smoothly? Your thoughts are welcome on each of these topics! Be sure to share once you click on a photo above (or topic title) to read more.

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