Organizing Digital Teaching Files

Do you remember the days of a big filing cabinet full of student activities? Maybe you still have that big filing cabinet and are not recycling your old worksheets and activities because you think that *someday* you might still need them? Either way, the digital age is upon us. Now, rather than a big old filing cabinet in the corner of your classroom, chances are good that your computer is full of digital files, which presents a whole other problem - how do you organize them?

I asked this question a couple of weeks ago on my blog and there are many great suggestions in the "Comments" area that might be useful to you. Whether you use simple file folders on your hard drive, or web-based program, organization is important and will save you hours later on when you are looking for something and can't remember where you put it. Do you have suggestions for organizing digital files? Just head over to my blog and leave your advice in the Comments section.

See you there!

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