Personalized Bags for Every Classroom

I will not tell you that I can sew - because I cannot.  So, if I can make these bags, anyone can!

You can create these super cute bags out of hand towels, or if you want to make it even more fancy, include a washcloth as a pocket.  Use them for a variety of things in your classroom, such as:

  • An emergency kit bag

  • Hold all the materials for center activities so students could take it to their seats

  • Early finishers materials

  • Parent/Student home activity bag

  • "Special" reading books

  • Collecting papers that need graded (already in a handy carrier to take with you when you go home for the night)

There are so many things you could use them for, but the best part is that you can make them to match YOUR classroom theme no matter what it is.  And they are relatively inexpensive as well!  Stop at The Organized Classroom Blog to get your directions!

Have fun!

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