Playful Learning Book Study Has Begun!

Playful Learning Book Study

I am thrilled to be hosting the Playful Learning Book Study! Mariah Bruehl's book and website are amazing and inspiring. We have 40 people participating and 8 guest blog authors. 

Today, we are discussing the first chapter which takes a look at young authors. This chapter walks you through the various stages of writing, beginning with very young children. Writing is often one of those subject areas that loses its sparkle with older kids. It's not that these children aren't creative or that they don't have good ideas. Many times these children have been so programmed to do formula writing, that they are afraid to "go rogue" with their ideas. 

I have provided a few printables to go along with the ideas presented in the chapter. So, if you are looking to get inspired and want to learn more about setting up an engaging writing center like never before, you must come join in on our book study. You can come follow along and catch up with the book later on.

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