Rules....and more rules {freebies!}

teaching in room 6, teaching blog addictThe beginning of the year is when we set up how the rest of the year will be for the classroom.  I spend much of my time putting rules in place, practicing procedures, and showing the students the road map to success in my room.   The rules, though, are a big part of what takes up the first week.

Many teachers, myself included, have a general idea of how they want the classroom run.  I take that first week of school and guide my students toward that idea.  With that, are our 5 main "umbrella" rules that I help the students understand and use.  Come on over to my blog to see how I do that, how we establish the classroom rules, and how I help the students to internalize them.  Then, pick up some of the materials that I use to accomplish this, including a little booklet the kids make showing examples and non-examples of the rules themselves!  See you at Teaching in Room 6!

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