Small Groups Guided Math (FREEBIE)

I am so glad that I have finally been able to get back on track for the Guided Math book study. My mind has been whirling with ideas for posts, planning, freebies, templates...and everything guided math!

I found Chapter 5 to be very informative and helpful. Creating and working with small groups is something I really enjoy as a teacher and that I have tried a little here and there in my math class. Obviously after reading this book it is going to become a much more integral part of my daily math program. I was really struck by how much this book reminds me of The Daily 5...I have the word "stamina" written all over the margins. I am glad that I read The Daily 5 first and am reading Guiding Readers at the same time as this book. I think it is really helping to centre my thinking around how I want my guided reading and math programs to look in my room next year. Plus the routines and procedures laid out in The Daily 5 will help everything run smoothly.

I have also posted a freebie on this post. It's a template for planning your small group math lessons. It is definitely a work in progress as I have not yet used it to plan and that's always the test to see if you like it or not!

Click on the image or my button to go to Thinking of Teaching to get your copy.

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