I am swamped this summer! Figuratively, I am still overwhelmed by the daily list of things to accomplish. And literally, my family and I just got back from the swamp. You see my in-laws live outside of New Orleans, and since it was summer and my husband and I are both teachers, we went for a nice, long visit.

Because we were there for four full days, we were able to do lots of New Orleans and Louisiana things. We ate beignets at Cafe du Monde, walked in the French Quarter, visited a cemetery, walked through the Aquarium of the Americas, and visited the Infinity Science Center next to Stennis Space Center.

My favorite activity we did, however, was a swamp tour through the Honey Island Swamp in Pearl River, LA. There are several places that offer swamp tours. We hopped on one boat that boards just five minutes from my in-laws' house. Our tour guide directed us with his thick Louisiana accent down the Pearl River and into the Honey Island Swamp where we saw alligators eat marshmallows and hot dogs, birds, and so many other things.

In my district, the wetlands are taught in third grade as their ecosystem of study. So, I put together a free Swamp Powerpoint Presentation with the best of the photos I took on that tour. Visit Sub Hub to grab the freebie.

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