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Hi y'all!!!

I'm Jen...

 from The Teacher's Cauldron!

I am SO thrilled and honored to be here....

I have been following TBA since..well, forever! I didn't even know what a blog was when I found TBA.

I started blogging back in October, a few months after having finally figured out what blogging was and being inspired by so many wonderful blogs.

Blogging has really had the biggest impact on my teaching - and I've taken NUMEROUS professional development classes.



Let me introduce myself properly. :)

This year will be my TENTH year teaching! CRAZY!!

My first year of teaching was in 5th grade in St. Augustine, FL (where I went to and graduated from Flagler College), then I moved here and found a new job and taught 2nd grade for a year, then moved up to 3rd, where I lived (mostly happily) for many years.  I finally was able to move back down to 2nd last year, and THIS is where my heart is. I LOVE it!

I am also a National Board Certified Teacher and I have my Masters' degree in Elementary Reading.

But still...I learn more and more from everyone of YOU out there.

Reading is definitely a passion of mine for my kiddos...I work in a Title I school, so I have to try to do as much as possible in my class to keep those kiddos reading!

We read for 15 minutes EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  During this time, I am walking around the room listening to students read and conferencing with them. I usually see about 2-3 kids each day, visiting my high ones less frequent, probably every other week or so.

BUT, during our reading time, the students always have a skill they are looking for while they read.

On Mondays, I always hit the phonics skill for the week pretty hard, so they always search for words that follow our rule. I give them a "tab" (post it notes that I cut into skinny strips) and they put the tab on the word they find as they read, like so....

 Sorry these are wonky - I tried uploading them like 3 times and they always came out like this...weird.

This week our skill was the OW! words, so we did a tree map after they read where they organized their words. The kids write their words on the board, and everyone has to do it. If they can't find a word, they can think of one on their own.

Thanks for sticking with me for one of my favorite things I do in my room - reading conferences and skill lessons.

So come on over and see what I have to to offer! I'm headed back to school here VERY shortly, so you'll see TONS of Back to School ideas....and don't forget to look at my past posts!

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