Teaching Time with Books, Foldables, Apps & More!

How did you learn to tell time? This may give away my age, but I'm pretty sure that I filled out piles of worksheets. The proof lay in boxes stored in my parents attic for 20 years. I kept EVERYTHING! As a former worksheet-collector-turned-math-book-collector, I'm excited to be able to offer more engaging explorations to my students. Here's a sample...

Foldables with Time

Students chose four times during the day to highlight in a foldable. On the top of a flap, the child would write the activity that takes place during a certain time and draw a picture. On the inside, we stamped a blank clock. Each student showed the time with a Judy Clock and then copied the Judy Clock time onto the blank clock. Visit Fun with Time...Books & Foldables for more details on how to make the foldables and use them with kids.

Books About Time

Visit the Math in Children's Literature List for titles on the concept of time. Sometimes math concepts are most easily shared through books in which the concepts aren't overt. And for my students, humor is always a big draw. So why not consider...

Time with Scaredy Squirrel

Do you know about poor Scaredy Squirrel? In the book by the same title, Scaredy Squirrel's life is rather limited due to fears of the unknown. His daily schedule consists of: "Wake up. Eat a nut. Look at view. Eat a nut. Look at view. Eat a nut. Look at view. Go to sleep."

Through a series of hilarious events, Scaredy Squirrel's life changes, adding events like "jump into the unknown" and "play dead" to his day. What a fantastic opportunity to engage children with exploring time, particularly Common Core Standards 3.MD.1 and 4.MD.2. I asked my student to calculate elapsed time, looking at how much time Scaredy Squirrel uses for each daily activity on the old and new schedule.

Journaling with Calendar Pocket Chart

How about keeping a daily activity log with your students in your class calendar pocket chart? Read more about this activity, including how we collected the cards for a mini-book that the kids could read over and over.  

Time with Free Apps

Don't forget about free apps like Clockmaster. This is just one of the apps in a free series of games produced by MathTappers, educators from the University of Victoria. Clockmaster helps children to develop fluency with reading and setting time on analog and digital clocks.

It's TIME for this post to end. Enjoy the rest of your summer!!

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