Teaching with Courage

Welcome to International Blog Hopping Day! This stop on the linky party hop is all about teaching with COURAGE.

I think ALL teachers are courageous. Often we work under less than ideal circumstances, and it seems there is never enough time, energy, or resources to do all that we would love to do. And yet we return, day after day, with determination and hearts full of hope... because we have the COURAGE to try to make a difference.

At Finding Joy in Sixth Grade, I've shared three examples of courage to give you some ideas, and I am really hoping you'll share something from your teaching experience too. Perhaps you have had to step out of your comfort zone and teach a different subject or in a new grade or program. Maybe you have had to catch a spider, or treat an injury, or sneak into school after hours to decorate the office to celebrate the secretaries. Maybe you had to conquer your fears and join in on the Student Council's hula hooping contest or dance in the the school talent show. Or maybe you needed to be brave and ask for help, ask for books or ask for technology for your classroom.

I bet teaching requires you to display courage EVERY DAY. 

In true TBA fashion, we want YOU to be a part of this link-up because, after all, with the help of one another, our courage is increased... and then everyone, especially the students, benefits. Won't you share one of those moments in our linky party?

So think about COURAGE. Think of a time when you taught courageously.
And then come by Finding JOY in Sixth Grade and find out how to link up.  There are three ways to join in on this party and they're all easy. Best of all, you can follow the links and read other teachers' stories of COURAGE. 

We want our students to be courageous. Let's celebrate International Blog Hopping Day on TBA and share some stories in which we modeled that same attribute when we were courageous in our teaching lives.

Click on the Teaching with Courage link above... or on the purple button below to start on your journey.

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