The Length of a School Year

Did you know my students get 9400 minutes of recess each year?  Neither do my students - that is, until I have them working with math problems related to their school year.

Do you try to integrate as many real-life math activities as you can into your math classes?  I know I do.  It is so important for students to connect the math they do to their own lives.  For the past couple of years I've done a fun "Length of a School Year" activity with my students at the end of the year.  I have my students working cooperatively in pairs to solve different word problems related to their school year.  When they are finished, I like to post their answers on a bulletin board in the lunch room as all the students in the school enjoy reading these fun school trivia facts.

My students have enjoyed this end of the year activity so much, I decided it would be fun to create a back-to-school activity that has students thinking about how they spent their summer.  Come on over to my blog to take a peek at my newest products:  The Length of a School Year and The Length of a Summer.

I've also included a link to get a free page of word problems from The Length of a Summer so you can try out this activity with your students (or your own kids at home).

While you're visiting my blog, be sure to check out my new blog design - I'm SO excited about it!  Let me know what you think!!!

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