Time Out Tuesday!

Hello TBA Friends,
It's Time Out Tuesday! I hope everyone is going to take a well deserved break as the 4th of July celebrations get underway. This time of year can be so busy with family, fun and preparations for the new school year. It seems like we never stop thinking and planning for our future class. So many wonderful ideas have been captured in blogland thanks to Pinterest. We all can gather those good ideas and implement them into our own classrooms. TBA and blogging teachers everywhere have changed all of us and it has made it possible to connect with each other in many inspiring ways. The difference is felt in classrooms everywhere. If by chance you are still looking for ideas, take a look at the TBA Pinterest boards! These boards are filled with some of the best ideas around. And what is great is that ideas and pins are added all the time so you are sure to see some of the best of the best when you follow the TBA boards. And since it is Time Out Tuesday here on TBA, I welcome you to my blog to find out how to make The 5 Minute 5 Dollar Clock! Come on friends, what are you waiting for? You have nothing but time!

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