Using Big Books for Math Centers!

Big Books for Math Instruction and Centers

We use big books in a variety of ways in my classroom.  I love using big books during reading and writing workshop.  Because of their large size, students really engage with the text as we are gathered on the carpet.  After I've used a particular book for a mini-lesson, students love being able to partner read using the big book and even add their thinking via sticky notes to certain pages.  They enjoy seeing their peer's connections, questions, and predictions. 

I find that some of my most powerful math lessons are the ones that incorporate literacy.  We do a lot of written reflection, taking notes on procedural steps, and oral retelling with partners for problem solving.  I also begin many of my lessons with a read aloud that focuses on the concept we will explore.

The Big Book Pages are Simple and Engaging for Children

We use a math program that incorporates a lot of hands-on activities.  We use manipulatives almost daily.  The students enjoy working with the items to create, build, add, and visually see the concepts we are learning about.  I do a lot of modeling so that the manipulatives are used as tools for learning - not toys.  We do, however, always have an explore day where we simply have fun and get creative with the tools, too.

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*there are also several examples of picture books to use for 
dynamic read-alouds during math lessons*


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