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I'll finally be returning home to Michigan today from my rather extended vacation.  When school ended, I headed for my parent's home in Chicago with my family.  After staying there for about a week, my husband, Jason, and I traveled to San Diego for the #ISTE12 conference.  Jason is not in education, but who wouldn't want to visit the beautiful landscape sunny California has to offer?  After the conference ended, Jason drove back to Michigan to work.  The kids and I stayed in Chicago visiting my parents.

We've been enjoying quality family time by the pool and staying up way too late watching movies.  We've also been working.  I often think of work as fun... just as I like for my students to think of learning as being fun.  Yesterday Riley and I traveled to the downtown Chicago office to visit Eric and Vince from MentorMob, and #edtech start up (blog post coming soon...).  Jason and I met Eric and Vince in San Diego.  They're great guys.  While downtown, Riley and I also enjoyed afternoon tea at Palm Court and shopping at American Girl. 

A new friend from Twitter (@Dr.SpikeCook) gave me a call this morning to discuss a few educational topics.  He's writing a series of posts on his blog about how social media supports education for different people.  As I sipped my coffee, I enjoyed the casual exchange of dialogue surrounding classroom design, getting started with blogging, and influential members of my personal learning network.  I was surprised when our conversation ended that we had been talking for over an hour.  I'm excited for the opportunity to connect with Spike and many other friends in Washington D.C. this September at the Bammy Awards.  Twitter has opened the door for these types of connections to occur.  

The slide above is another demonstration of the power of a personal learning network.  Recently, Twitter friend, @courosa, reached out to his network asking for examples of why social learning networks matter in learning and teaching.

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