Visualizing- An Important Comprehension Strategy

Another center that is really popular in my class is Read, Visualize, Draw. It's a great way to practice visualizing while reading, which is such an important comprehension strategy! Make sure you've taught and modeled this strategy before introducing this center. Especially for those struggling readers, stopping to visualize can be so helpful. I actually struggle with comprehension myself so I use this strategy a lot.

I really don't put a lot of emphasis on drawing ability for this center. It's more about their ability to read text, make a picture in their minds of what they are reading and then communicate that visualization through drawing. While teaching this center, I tell them to first read it all the way through. Then I reread it and model the process of stopping to visualize. I think out loud so my students know what's going through my head while I read. When I finished reading, I start to draw. When I'm finished drawing, I reread a third time to check my drawing. 

Here are a few examples of this center:

A pond scene:

It can also be a great cross-curricular activity. I made one to go along with our rainforest unit. I had pictures of the animals available as a resource to them. They love learning about rainforest animals so they often take extra pride in this one. :)

I always have a blank one available for read-alouds. You never know when you will come across a great opportunity to practice visualizing! When we were reading a fairy tale, the author described what the character looked like. It was the perfect time to whip this out. :)

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