What's Your Style for Organizing Digital Files?

Reading about organizing all of the incredible things we find online has become a hot topic! Lots of the discussion that is happening here on Shelley's TBA post, TBA's facebook page and on other blog spaces is inspiring! Teachers sharing how they organize their personal files is a great peek into the C: drive of our fellow colleagues. 
So, this topic begs the question:
Are your pdfs, freebies and teacher-created purchases organized, out of control or decent?

Here is an infographic that helps depict some of the most popular ways teachers are organizing their files... Do any of them fit your style?

On KindergartenWorks, I share how I've recently put some effort into reorganizing my pinboards in addition to my shop categories and it's made a great difference in the time I spend looking for things. Am I the only one that feels like searching for a file or idea that you "know you have, just aren't sure where its located" is a mondo time waster? 

If you're ready for more details on the ideas shared in the infographic above, I invite you over to read more! If you just want to save this idea for later, be sure to pin it!

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