Working on A-Z crafts!

When I found out that I would be teaching a "jump start" to Kindergarten class this summer, I was just a tad bit nervous! How was I going to prepare these little sweeties for kindergarten in 4 short weeks? I decided to break up the curriculum into daily themes. 

First up...the alphabet!
Each day I read a fun little book that showcases our "letter of the day".
Then we meet a new alphafriend. My students get so excited to meet our new friends! We sing the alphafriend's song and think of words that start with that letter. Then we sort through picture cards and match them to their beginning sounds.
Finally, we make a little craft project!
These craft projects are pretty much my favorite part of the day!

 I love these crafts because they're super easy to prep, no templates involved! I just cut up construction paper on the paper cutter and show my students how to put the craft together step by step! Super simple cuts and lots of math vocabulary too!

The letter "p" is my very favorite! Which one is yours??

Visit my blog to see the cute little bees my students made and be sure to follow me so you can see what I'm doing for math!

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