Write, Write, Baby!

As a former journalist, my first love is writing. I have been thrilled as a parent and a writer that my daughter seems to have inherited that love. And I think she is a way better writer even now that I am today. The last two years she has requested to go to a writing summer camp, and we have been super lucky to find a wonderful camp fairly nearby. The camp runs through a nonprofit organization for writers, so the students get to learn from real professional writers. The atmosphere is one of safety, welcome, and support. It is truly amazing to see young writers who are willing to try anything, actively listen to each other, and offer honest and helpful feedback. It's no wonder, my daughter loves the place. In fact, she has already asked to return next year with the hopes of one day interning with the organization.

As a teacher, I love to hear about the exercises and activities they do at the camp to see if there is some way I could incorporate them into my classroom. Last year, I picked up a few gems, and this year did not disappoint. They used newspaper headlines as writing prompts, drew lines to represent feelings, went people watching, and shared favorite passages from books to discuss the writing style.

The whole camp culminates with a wonderful celebration of writing, allowing the children to share pieces in a public reading. My daughter's piece was a "writing about writing" observation that inspired everyone. One young camper even asked her for a copy.

Visit Sub Hub to read details of the writing exercises and my daughter's piece. Maybe it will inspire your students to write as well.

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