A Few Printables For the Beginning of the Year

With school fast approaching for most people (or already starting...like for me!), I thought I would post a few of the simple little things I did to get ready for the kiddos coming into the room.  I am going to link you to a few different posts, all of which have free printables for you to get out and get ready for the first day of school.

I want my students to have a running list of what we are learning this year.  So I created these simple little sheets that they can record one piece of new learning on each day.  I made one for each grade level, so you can print them out yourself.  

I am loving my daily schedule cards.  There are a bunch of different ones, all for the different things you might do during the day.  What I do is cut them out, laminate, and attach to a magnet.  Then, I move them around depending upon the schedule for the day.  You can get a set here.

I also made a few different folder sheets that you might want to use.   I have one for each of the main folders I give my students (thanks to Donors Choose for that!) and one for homework as well.  If you want some, here you go!

On the back of the homework folders, I put a little "cheat sheet" for all of the things they will be asked to do during the year.  Things like reading response, comprehension strategies, and word problem attack strategies.  This helps them in case they are stuck at home.  Click here to get yours.

Finally, here are two surveys I created for the kids to fill out.  One is a fun, what is your favorite food type.  The other is a more serious one.  I actually gave my students both to fill out, as they serve different purposes.  But you can just use one in your room if you would like.

So there you have it.  A few easy printables to use during your last weeks before school so you will be set up and ready to go!

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