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Another Webby Wednesday! Let's talk about literacy websites...

I like to use our student computer stations during literacy workstations. There are excellent sites you can use for listening to reading and for literacy skill or grammar skill practice. 

Game Goo is a website that my kiddos love! The games focus on early literacy skills & is appropriate for PreK through 2nd graders, & those kiddos in upper grades who still need practice or support in those skills. You will find games that support: 
  • matching upper/lower case letters
  • alphabetizing
  • initial & final sounds
  • rhyming
  • fiction vs. non-fiction
  • following directions
  • sound-letter correspondence
  • nouns
  • verbs
  • antonyms
You can stop by my blog to learn more about GameGoo.

Let's share literacy websites & start a collection of great websites that can be used in the classroom & in literacy workstations. I'm hosting a blog hop! Please add a pic of the website & link back to your description of the website on your blog. Don't forget to grab the code to add to your post! The collection will appear on your blog & automatically update as others add to the collection. I'm so excited to explore all of the websites that everyone shares!

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