All About Me - Numeracy Rich:)

Hi everyone!  I was blessed enough to have joined the Guided Math book club this thing that "smacked me in the face" as I was reading was how normally when you walk into a classroom you can tell it's all about reading.  Classrooms are literacy rich....word walls, Daily 5, books and more books, reading strategies and anchor charts......but how many times can you walk into a classroom and see that it is numeracy rich?

That blew me away!  Guilty!  That was me....NOT numeracy rich and it really made me think.....a lot!  Well, since this school year has started, I have tried very hard to make sure that my classroom looks literacy rich and numeracy rich.  I am trying to be more thoughtful with activities and tying numbers into them whenever I can.
That brings me to the All About Me in Numbers activity we did last week.  Pop over to my blog to check out how my students told me and others about themselves using numbers and then turned that into a writing project. (p.s. ignore the reference about Isaac in the post...I got so rattled about the storm I forgot to post it here!  That's all done now and I can think;)

4th Grade Frolics

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