Back To School For Homeschoolers


It's that magical time of year! Parents are jumping for joy, kids are hiding under their beds and teachers are filled with anticipation. IT'S BACK TO SCHOOL! 

So where do homeschoolers fit into this celebration? Sure, we don't have a set school supply list, don't need a lunch box and probably don't need a backpack. But, the excitement is still there. I took my kids to Target yesterday and let them pick out some spirals, folders, pens and pencils. I was so happy to let them buy whatever style they wanted. Ah, the joys of homeschooling.

Back to school time for homeschoolers looks a little different than the rest of the population. While we don't need 24 sharpened yellow pencils, we do need curriculum! While we don't need to attend orientation or meet the teacher night, we do need to set aside time to create an organizational system for our school. 

The teacher in me loves to organize! If you follow my blog at all, you know that I am obsessed with planning and organizing. I know it's something that some people struggle with, so I love to share my passion with others, hoping that I might inspire them. One method I have found is to use workboxes.
What's a workbox? Well to find the answer to this question and download some free planning sheets and box labels, please come visit my blog. 

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