Back to School Goodies for Students

I was lucky enough to go to school as mom this week.  Although I'm missing my own classroom just a bit this fall, my new position is allowing me to do more mom things with my children.  As I visited my daughters' third grade and kindergarten classrooms, I could only think of taking pictures and sharing with all of you.  I got a few great ideas that will work for either a back to school night or open house as you begin your school year.  Each one did a classroom hunt that was just right for their level.  Each found items and places around the classroom so they'll be more comfortable when they start their first day.  Among my descriptions and pictures of each idea, I've included a freebie.  Two versions of the phrase "You are one smart cookie!" are included on cards you can attach to a regular cookie or to a fortune cookie.  Best wishes to all of you who have started or will be starting your school year soon.  Come on over and read all about the ideas and get your free cards for a quick welcome back student goodie!


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