Back to School Means Back to Subbing

As schools across the globe start back in session, the need for subs returns. Summers can be very long for subs when there are little to no opportunities to sub. Many seek second jobs so their income doesn't fall off too much. But classes are resuming so if you are a sub, make sure you are ready.

Don't think that there won't be any sub jobs available until school has been back in for a while. Although teachers don't want to be out, many times it is avoidable. Life doesn't know that teachers can't afford the time off at such a crucial time of year.

Make sure everything you need for subbing is ready to go before school starts. Don't wait until everyone goes back. You never know when you might even get a call to sub on the first day of school. Trust me, it happened to me one year, and I was in a scramble to get ready!

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