Bulletin Board Tips!

Friends~First,  I am totally not an expert at all when in comes to bulletin boards.  In fact, I LOVE to look at them but dread making them.  I am lucky though, my assistant Mrs. Cleary can rock a bulletin board!  I usually can just run my vision by her and she makes it happen.  I do have a few tips for those of you that want your boards to look like you spent hours and $ on them.

Tip 1: Use Fabric or wrapping paper for the background.  I try to also mix paper and fabric for a textured look.  (I did this with my Ant Board Below) 

Tip 2: Grab $ store items to add to the board to give it a 3D look.  (Hot Glue works wonders here!) (Again with the Ant Board and Popcorn Board)

Tip 3: Theme it up with your team.  When you do this you grade level hallway turns in to a gallery! (Gumball board and Dr. Seuss Board)

Tip 4: Use your student's work!  That is a great way to save some bucks and show off your smarties! (Dr. Seuss Board)

Tip 5: Stuff your board!  I love a 3D board and it is so easy to do this by doubling your pieces and then stuffing them with paper.  Pop the second layer on and staple. (Gumball board)

Tip 6: Don't just stay on the board.  Let your display bust off the board.  I think it is always more eye catching when images are placed off centered or running off the board.  (Gumball and St. Patrick's Day)

Tip 7: Get your self a blade.  I use a razor blade utility knife to cut my paper once it is up.  Plus it works great on borders.  

Here are some of my very favorite boards from past years!  

I am using the bubblegum board this year.  It is still in progress but I am hoping by Monday it will be up and running.  I am thinking it will say We are Going to have a BALL in 2nd Grade.  I am going to add the kiddos names to the gumballs.  Head over to The Schroeder Page to grab a FREE copy of the poem I am planning to use with their sweet treat at their seat for Open House!

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