Calling All 5th Grade Teachers!!

There are times in your teaching career when you see a need in your room, try to fix it, and it transforms everything you do.  When I was looking at my math instruction a few years ago, I had just one of those instances.

You see, my students just weren't grasping the math lessons I was teaching.  It wasn't that I was giving less than stellar lessons, it was that the students saw the content once and we moved on.  I was finding that I needed something more, to keep the concepts fresh in their head...and my math series wasn't providing that.

Out of my desperation, I created my own spiral math homework....and struck gold.  Each night, I gave the students 10 math problems to work on...10 problems that spanned the concepts we had learned over the course of the quarter, NOT just what we did that day.  Then, we went over it the next day.  The transformation was MAGICAL.  Literal magic. 

Come over to my blog to read all about how this Common Core aligned math homework changed my instruction for the better, allowed me time to teach actual math thinking, instead of rote memorization, and left me STRESS FREE with math!

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