Classroom Caravan

This is just one picture of what my room looked like after the cleaning crew had gone through.  It is one big, enormous mess.  To be perfectly honest, some parts weren't that clean.  This year they didn't move my big cabinet.  After rearranging my room and moving the cabinet I am left with a huge dirt mark.

After a lot of work and planning, my classroom is ready for students.  Every year I think it will get easier, but it never does.   I always seem to want to change things around, choose a new theme or color scheme.  This year I had all summer to plan my theme.  I have alway been a fan of red and black, so throw in some white polka dots and we have a color coordinated classroom.    Luckily for me polka dots seem to be all the rage, so finding accessories was really easy.  Even the Target Dollar spot had items to match my room.  I didn't stop there, I found several great additions to my theme from The Moffiatt Girls.  I also found some great resources from various bloggers to add to my decore.  Lastly, if I couldn't find it, I made it.   I made calendar cards, my own behavior clip chart, a giant word wall and new room signs too. Come on over to my blog and see how I took a room piled up in every nook and cranny, to a room ready for 24 kindergartners.

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