Classroom Update and Birthday Bouquet

I am totally loving all of this birthday stuff I've been seeing on blogs and Pinterest! It is so important to make sure your students feel valued and cared for, and what better way than to celebrate the day of their birth! After perusing birthday pins, I decided that one thing I would have is a birthday bucket:

You will have to come on over to read more about my birthday bouquet! ;)

Also, I have been working on my classroom for about a week now and I am FINALLY feeling like progress has been made. As soon as school let out at the end of May, I packed up my 4th grade classroom and, with the help of a few friends, successfully moved all of my junk over to my new 1st grade room in the next building! Here's my 4th grade room:

Goodbye, 4th grade!!! All that remains is the new 4th grade teacher's stuff...and the frogs that I just realized I left hanging from the ceiling--whoops! :)

Come on over to see (what is becoming) my new 1st grade classroom!!

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