Climbing up the Phonics Ladder

Want to add a fun activity to your word study toolbox to help your little literacy learners climb their way up the phonics ladder?  
If so then I have a new Word Ladders Pack just for you!  

In each word ladder, a single-syllable word is given at the bottom of the ladder.  As your little literacy learners climb up the ladder, they follow a direction to change one letter and write the new word.  They continue to write and decode the new words as they climb to the top.  Students have so much fun completing these! 

Each rung of the word ladder provides your little literacy learners with good practice applying some of their foundational reading skills.  One letter-sound is changed at a time.  As they are changed, the students substitute the initial, final, or medial sound to decode the new word.

This pack focuses on words with short vowels.  It addresses all of the short vowels in CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words, words with beginning digraphs, words with beginning consonant blends, words with ending consonant blends, and a mixture of all.  

Come on over to learn more about the pack and how you can use them with your little literacy learners!
~ Mrs. McKown

On a different note, I wanted to share with you how excited I am to finally meet some of my fellow TBA authors in person in the Big Apple!   I'm starting to get lots butterflies!!

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